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At Dr. Ben Family Dentist, you can trust us to provide exceptional root canal treatments in Clovis, CA. With advanced technology and years of expertise, we ensure your root canal procedure is easier and more comfortable than anticipated. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to making your experience a positive one.

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Treat and Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal at Dr. Ben Family Dentist

A root canal is a highly effective procedure that not only alleviates pain but also saves your precious tooth. When a tooth becomes infected, the issue typically originates from the nerves within its root. To address this, the infected nerves must be removed. If left untreated, the infection can escalate into a severe abscess, resulting in tooth loss and jawbone deterioration.

Throughout these steps, our dedicated team at Dr. Ben Family Dentist will guide you, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction as we work together to achieve your desired results.


Procedure Initiation


Access and Cleansing


Finalizing the Root Canal

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of an infected tooth?

Your dentist is the best person to access your teeth for a root canal. A few signs to look out for are constant toothache, lingering tooth sensitivity, sore & sensitive jawbone, and chipped or fractured teeth.

How long does a root canal take?

A root canal typically takes about 60-90 minutes. However, it can be broken up into two separate appointments.

What causes a root canal?

Tooth decay, deep cavities, cracked or fractured teeth, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, or trauma to the tooth can lead to the infection or inflammation of the pulp. These issues can cause severe tooth pain, sensitivity, swelling, and abscess formation.

What is the success rate of a root canal?

Root canals have a high success rate, with most treated teeth lasting a lifetime with proper care. Regular dental visits, good oral hygiene practices, and timely restoration of the treated tooth are essential for long-term success.

Our Committed Team

At Dr. Ben Family Dentist, we prioritize your dental well-being. Under the guidance of Dr. Ben, our skilled team ensures the precise and careful completion of root canals to preserve your oral health. With years of experience and extensive training, we deliver exceptional results. We are committed to making the root canal process comfortable and efficient, safeguarding your oral health with this essential and effective treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canals?

Pain Relief

Root canals effectively alleviate tooth pain caused by infection or inflammation, providing much-needed relief and restoring comfort.

Tooth Preservation

Root canals aim to save the natural tooth from extraction. Preserving your natural tooth helps maintain proper oral function, aesthetics, and prevents the need for more extensive dental treatments like dental implants or bridges.

Improved Oral Health

By removing infected pulp and sealing the root canals, root canal therapy eliminates bacteria and prevents the spread of infection. This contributes to improved overall oral health and reduces the risk of further complications.

Long-lasting Solution

With proper care and maintenance, root canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime. Root canals offer a durable and permanent solution, eliminating the need for repeated treatments or tooth replacement options.

Client Testimonials

"The most amazing dentist I've ever had. Nice, kind, and funny. A very comforting atmosphere. It's very nice and high tech. The staff was awesome as well. I usually do not like the dentist, but he made me feel very comfortable."
-Jake H.
"I am so happy to have a dentist I can feel comfortable with. Professional from start to finish, but still making you feel like a good friend! I haven't been a fan of the dentist, until I met Dr. Ben and his staff. I have recently restructured my insurance, so I can continue to be a patient there. So, if you are looking for you're family's dentist, look no further. The best decision you can make for you're oral health, besides brushing twice a day. Thank you Dr. Ben & Staff!"
-Ryan L.

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