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Dr. Ben's Affordable Dental Coverage Plan

We understand that many patients avoid the dentist because of the costs they think are associated with a healthy mouth. If you don’t have dental insurance, dentistry can feel like a luxury, but at Dr. Ben Family Dentist, we have created our own Affordable Dental Coverage Plan. For just $250 a year, you can save big on the common treatments and procedures that patients receive. This is an excellent alternative to traditional dental insurance and can help you and your family stay smiling big for years to come! Give our office a call today for more information!


Join Our Affordable Dental Coverage Plan


  • Two basic dental cleanings (Prophylaxis); excluding Scaling and Root Planing 
  • Unlimited comprehensive oral exams including periodontal exams, emergency exams, and oral cancer screenings
  • Unlimited dental X-Rays 
  • 30% OFF the regular fees on all services
  • $75 off for each child (14 years or younger) that signs up

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What Patients Are Saying

"Best experience with a dentist ever. He actually cared about getting me out of pain before he knew what I could afford. The kicker is the awesome pricing! He truly cares about his patients and makes every effort to make sure you get the service you need. I highly recommend Dr. Magleby to anyone and everyone!"
-Timothy G.
"Amazing dentist and team! I truly appreciate all of them! They make a scary experience a little less scary. When I was still in pain after getting my wisdom teeth pulled they actually cared and let me come back the very next day. The very busy dentist even called to check up on me after a few days. I am very grateful for the family friendly team here. :)"
-Vivian S.

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