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Early Milestones for Your Child’s Teeth

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Early Milestones for Your Child’s Teeth

There’s a lot to keep track of when you become a parent. In addition to tummy time, teaching them to speak and walk, and watching their eye-hand coordination grow, you should be aware of the early milestones that will come up for your child’s teeth. A healthy mouth correlates with a healthy body. Set your child up for a lifetime of pearly whites by monitoring their early tooth development. Your Clovis family dentist will be there with you every step of the way.

Their first (set of) teeth

Teething is a stressful time for both parents and baby. While it’s very hard to see your child in pain (and it’s no fun for the baby, either), your child’s first tooth represents a new responsibility: brushing and flossing. As soon as that tooth has erupted you have to start worrying about cavity protection. An infant or toddler can’t brush their teeth on their own; they need you to remember, and make the time.
In addition to keeping on top of brushing (and, when they have more than one tooth, flossing), you should keep on top of what you’re giving your child to eat and drink. While nutrition is very important, the amount of sugar in food should be timed well. A glass of juice before brushing teeth is fine. Leaving sugary juice on their teeth all day will make them more prone to cavities. Try to plan meals so that they have tooth-friendly meals when you’re not around to brush for them.

They’re off the bottle

Sometime after your child has their baby teeth, they’re going to stop drinking from bottles. This is an important stage, because sucking around a bottle can change the shape of their teeth as they come in. In turn, these teeth help your child’s jaw develop. The more they’re warped now, the longer they’re going to have to have braces either. Don’t panic, however. Most pediatrician sources agree that some amount of bottle, pacifier, or thumb-sucking is normal. Just make sure that it doesn’t become a constant habit. Keep bringing your child to their Clovis family dentist regularly. Sometimes, abnormalities can be caught early and repaired when it’s easiest for the child—and your wallet.

Mixed dentation

The last early milestone in the life of your child’s teeth, is when they lose their baby teeth. As soon as their adult teeth begin erupting, they have what’s known as “mixed dentation”. You should see your Clovis family dentist regularly during this stage. Adult teeth coexisting with baby versions can lead to pressure, cavities, and discomfort for your child. Once all of their baby teeth fall out, they’ll be left with almost all of their adult teeth. They won’t have to deal with new teeth again until they’re in their mid to late teens, when wisdom teeth appear—but then, that’s not really an “early” milestone. You don’t have to worry about it just yet!

Keep on top of early milestones with your child’s teeth. Regular visits to Dr. Ben, your Clovis family dentist can help nip problems in the bud. Starting out with healthy teeth will help your children down the line, as they take over caring for their own smile.

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