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Clovis Family Dentist explains Plaque

Clovis Family Dentist explains Plaque

Clovis Family Dentist explains Plaque

A routine trip to the Dr. Ben Magleby (Dr. Ben), a local Clovis Family Dentist, will likely involve a cleaning. What are they cleaning? Most people tend to develop a build-up of plaque on their teeth that doesn’t just go away with standard brushing and flossing. Of course, brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is a great way to minimize plaque, but getting a teeth cleaning in Fresno helps ensure that plaque doesn’t turn into something worse.

What exactly is plaque? Read on for a detailed explanation of what plaque is and why having your teeth cleaned your Clovis Family dentist, Dr. Ben.

What is plaque?

Do you ever run your tongue over your teeth and feel a soft or fuzzy coating? That’s plaque. It contains a ton of bacteria that will, if left to their own devices, attack your tooth enamel. It’s highly important to brush and floss your teeth every day to remove plaque and prevent it from building up.

What happens if plaque builds up?

If you don’t brush and floss thoroughly enough, the plaque on your teeth hardens into tartar. This tartar tends to collect around your gums, and often behind your teeth. It’s very difficult to get rid of. If you have a build-up of tartar around your gums, the easiest way to get rid of it and ensure your oral health is to schedule a teeth cleaning in Fresno.

If your tartar build-up is severe, it can lead to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis. These are serious gum issues that can, in turn, lead to worse effects. The best way to prevent them is to get rid of plaque daily.

How do I get rid of plaque?

It’s easy to recommend brushing and flossing, but many people do take care of their teeth and still see plaque build-up. Your Clovis dentist can give you the best guide for oral care, but what if it isn’t enough?

When brushing and flossing, be very thorough. Make sure to floss between each and every tooth and don’t neglect the back of your teeth, as that is where plaque (and subsequently tartar) builds up the most.

Avoid overly sugary foods, as the sugar forms acids when it comes into contact with the bacteria in plaque.

What’s my next step?

It’s almost impossible to prevent all plaque and tartar build-up. For that, you should schedule a regular teeth cleaning with this Clovis Family Dentist. Not only is this a good idea for getting rid of plaque, but it also gives Dr. Ben the opportunity to assess further oral health.

If you are finding it difficult to rid your teeth of plaque even when brushing and flossing thoroughly, then talk to Dr. Ben about other things you can do. You may need to switch toothpastes or schedule more frequent teeth cleaning.

Plaque by itself is normal, and can be adequately controlled at home, but for more stubborn tartar and the initial signs of gum disease, you will want to visit our office.

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